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Shepherd University

Client Type: Commercial
Service Performed: Civil Engineering,Landscape Architecture,Planning,Surveying


Shepherd University has been a multiple project development of the existing campus and expansion of the west campus residential area. FSA has coordinated aerial photogrammetry and aerial photo imaging of the site along with a boundary survey of the campus. The boundary surveys have also included annexation surveys and coordination with the Corporation of Shepherdstown.

Site plan work has included the Scarborough Library addition (The Byrd Center for Legislative Studies), the construction of the football facilities building, Ikenberry Hall addition, and the softball field retaining walls and access upgrades.

The largest projects undertaken with Shepherd were the West Campus Apartment Complex, Center for the Contemporary Arts (Phase 1) and the recently completed Wellness Center.

The West Campus Apartment Complex required infrastructure improvements to accommodate this expansion. The infrastructure included University Drive, a new access road off of Shepherd Grade Road that connects to Route 45, a regional stormwater management facility including water quality management, a sanitary sewer lift station, utility extensions of water, gas, fiber optics and communications.

The Wellness Center (47,000 sq ft footprint) is a multipurpose Gym, Pool, Indoor Running Track, Racquetball courts, Basketball courts, Volleyball, workout center, etc., extension of the Butcher Center. This Wellness Center is open for memberships to the general public and is also used by the Students and Faculty of the University. FSA performed site concept layout, Parking layout, existing site/utility surveys and base mapping, site grading (including ADA compliance), sediment erosion control design, WV DEP NPDES permitting, construction inspections and management.

The Center for the Contemporary Arts is to be a 3 phase construction project. Phase 1 is completed and is administrative offices for the arts, theater, and Contemporary American Theater Festival; studio spaces for photography; rehearsal space; and painting, drawing, and printmaking. Future phases will have performance rooms and halls along with additional classrooms and studios.