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C.Williams Brooks Building

Client Type: Residential
Service Performed: Civil Engineering,Environmental,Landscape Architecture,Planning,Surveying


The C. Williams Brooks Building was designed for the Hagerstown Housing Authority and developed by the HHA and Pennrose Properties. This facility includes Senior Living Apartments and has been designed for sustainability. FSA worked closely with the design team to develop this facility to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Diana Gutierrez, LEED AP BD+C of Right Way Environmental LLC summarizes the project. She writes:

“The C. Williams Brooks Building was built under the Enterprise Communities Green Communities criteria with the goal of creating sustainable, healthy, and affordable apartments for lower income seniors in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Significant energy and water conservation methods played an integral part of the design, including a geothermal heating and cooling system which will utilize the constant temperature of the ground instead of fossil fuels to maintain loop temperature. Other features include Energy Star rated fixture and appliances, and a tight building envelope which make this building 21 percent more energy efficient than a comparable conventional building. Native plants that are adapted to the region were planted to lower the water and maintenance needs of landscaping while providing an outdoor environment for residents to enjoy; and the water saving fixtures installed will ensure a 50 - 75 percent water use reduction to conserve potable water.

The site is accessible by public transportation, as well as intended connectivity with the existing community. This will enable residents to get outside more and encourage them to be engaged in the community. Many materials used in the building were made from recycled materials, the wood used on the project was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and all materials used in the building have no or low emissions to keep the indoor air at the highest quality possible. To further promote healthy indoor air quality, Integrated Pest Management is used inside and out to minimize usage of harmful pesticides. Resident orientation and education teaches the residents about their green building and how they can help keep it green by recycling, not using certain products (especially when cleaning) and conserving water and energy.

FSA continues to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly projects. Often times, the building projects designed using this method follows LEED criteria and is awarded LEED certification at the project’s end.